12. Paw Paw River

As I cross the Paw Paw River, a troubled mind I have 
I never thought that I’d look back, just look ahead 
But things don’t ever stay the same unless there is no more 
So I move across the river and away from every shore 

And as I think about that date last night, a puzzled mind I have 
It didn’t feel right when he took my hand 
And I wonder if I’ve shared too many kisses in my days 
And if I’m the only one who’s in an angsty 20s phase 

Cause I don’t see the world like I did before 
Did the world change or did I 
And I don’t know exactly what I’m moving toward 
But I’ll be damned if I quit movin till I die 

And as I think about my faith in God, a troubled mind I have 
I couldn’t have anticipated where I am 
And I wonder if I’ve sinned too much, or if I’ve sinned at all 
I try to make sense of redemption, what’s the truth about the fall 

Cause I don’t recognize the life I knew before 
Now I see through different eyes 
And I don’t have the answers I was certain of before 
But I’ll be damned if I quit searchin till I die 

And now I cross the Paw Paw River for the second time 
This year is June, last year was July 
And I wonder if I’ve moved ahead, or fallen behind 
And I pray that God has mercy on my ever-changing mind 

Cause I’ve been chasin down the girl I was before 
Hoping one day she’d be mine again 
But now I’m letting go, 
I'm swinging wide the doors 

And I am seeing colors that I never saw before 
Now I lookin through new eyes 
And I love you mama, but I’m no child anymore 
And one day we’ll discover 
we’re not made to please each other 
And the mystery will be the answer when we die