Paradox Lyrics

1. New Wine 

It’s new grass under the snow 
It’s a new wave to behold 
It’s new wine you’ve never tasted
It’s the feeling of being elated

It’s holding a stone in your hand till it goes
Skip, skip, skippin, down the river

And where it goes, nobody knows
But we trust the river so
We leave all our stones to the water

And where it goes, nobody knows
But we love the river so
We entrust all our stones to the water

2. 94 

I’ve kept up with this stretch of 94 better than I’ve kept up with my college friends 
I know every tree and landmark and the woman on the billboard with her perfect hair and perfect skin 

Is this what I imagined that my life would be like at 29? 
Every day I breathe a mantra, but the loudest words I hear are, “I’m behind.” 

Behind the ones with vision and behind the ones with children, 
What happened to my ambition? 

Behind the ones with purpose, I keep digging for my purpose, 
I don’t know why I’m so nervous 

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3. Suitcase 

Don’t have a place to stay, but I’m gonna head out there anyway 
I’ve got my suitcase, yeah 
Oh I could stall all day, and keep on with the same play and pretend 
My dreams are staying safe 

I let a shiver set into my bones 
Can’t tie the future to the past I’ve known 

And I’ll go with my windows rolled down 
And I’ll straight through the next town 
Only stopping to write a song 
And everyday I’ll be where I belong

I’m gonna miss this place, but I’m gonna head out there anyway 
See what I can make of me 

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4. Free 

I see everything I want and I want everything I see 
I’ve got plans and I’ve got wishes, I see possibilities 
I just look for someone else to take the lead 

I’m a flighty bird that cannot find the perfect nesting tree 
I’m a prisoner to pleasing every person close to me 
Have I become a whore for other peoples’ needs? 

When the shadows in the night 
Become my only source of light 
And I wanna run from my own life 

Not gonna let this devil take away my life 

I am romanced by the forest but seduced by every tree 

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5. Stay 

I wished many things today 
I wished many things today 
I wished many things today 
I wish, I wish that you would stay 

And I thought I could take the pain 
I thought I could take the pain 
I thought I could take the pain 
But when it ended, that’s when it began 

And so I go back to that place 
So I go back to that place 
So I go back to that place 
But nothing looks or feels the same 

And so I give into the night 
So I give into the night 
So I give into the night 
Cause I don’t know if I want the light 
For the first

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6. Old Soul 

I still wake up on the wrong side of the bed 
And I don’t always know what goes on in my own head 
I spend every moment trying to get it right 
Maybe that’s not the best way to live a life 

Well I get so caught up in planning all my dreams 
I forget to let things move organically 
But if I let go of my perfect fantasy 
Maybe then, one day my dreams will come for me 

Mmmm Mmmmmm 
Mmmmm Mmmmmm 

Well I’m an old soul and I don’t know how to be 
Living in a world that moves so rapidly 
Every day I long for simplicity 

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7. Never Be 

Well you’ve captured my heart but I tell you it ain’t hard to do 
I’ve fallen once or twice, this is nothin new 
Sparks turn into flame, I’m tryin out my new last name 
And then I realize, well this just won’t due 

Well I do not have the urge to settle down 
I cringe as I think of any place as my town 
I’ve never had a home that I could really call my own 
So I take a snapshot and make the moves up as I go 

And where could you be, the one my heart is hungry to meet 
And I’m waitin for that glove to fit on me 

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8. Simple Things 

Could it be that there’s a hidden truth in every simple thing? 
Could it be that we don’t need the lottery?
We can make a living out of simple things 

Could it be that the most nostalgic dinners are the ones with simple things? 
Could it be that it’s not what we do together - it’s just that we’re together - simple things 

Taking kayaks to the water in the summer 
Drinking up the
Getting goosebumps from a song you haven’t paid attention to in quite some 

Could it be that the flowers in the front yard…

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9. On Your Side 

Hey, it’s okay 
No need to hurry 
It’s okay to be right here 

You’ll be okay 
No rush, no worries 
You’ll be okay in time 

Summer fades, and winter comes too quickly 
It’s a scary place to be, yeah 

I know you’re afraid, but hold on, believe me 
You’ve still got what it takes to be who you want to be 

Hey it’s okay, 
You don’t have all the answers 
But questions come first 

There’s not one right way to find all the answers 
Whatever step you take should be the first 

And it’s okay to lose your footing
On a ground…

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10. Dear Heart 

How do I love thee? 
How do I love? 
How do I love thee? 

And I may be a little rough around the edges 
It’s not how I used to be 

Please hold me 
Unfold me 

I’m full of broken bones 
In skin that’s not my own 
Full of broken bones, and weakened stories 

Could it be that I’m a little less equipped than I 
Intended for myself to be 


Take this heart of mine 
Stitch it up, take your time 
I don’t mind the wait 

Maybe then someday, 
I can give it back the same way 
You gave to me 

Oh, take this heart of mine …

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11. Daisy 

Aahaha Aahaha aah  
Aahaha Aahaha aah

An orange gerber daisy sitting on the sink 
Has no idea, all the joy it brings 

And the soft glow of morning, peeking through the trees 
Has no idea it helps me believe 

Aahaha Aahaha aah 
Aahaha Aahaha aah 

And the first hint of summer, when the air gets warm 
It may never know that it brings me home, home

And you are my answer, I think you know 
That I never want you to let me go, don't let me go

Aahaha Aahaha aah 
Aahaha Aahaha aah 


You wake up in the…

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12. Paw Paw River 

As I cross the Paw Paw River, a troubled mind I have 
I never thought that I’d look back, just look ahead 
But things don’t ever stay the same unless there is no more 
So I move across the river and away from every shore 

And as I think about that date last night, a puzzled mind I have 
It didn’t feel right when he took my hand 
And I wonder if I’ve shared too many kisses in my days 
And if I’m the only one who’s in an angsty 20s phase 

Cause I don’t see the world like I did before 
Did the world change or did I 

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