4. Free

I see everything I want and I want everything I see 
I’ve got plans and I’ve got wishes, I see possibilities 
I just look for someone else to take the lead 

I’m a flighty bird that cannot find the perfect nesting tree 
I’m a prisoner to pleasing every person close to me 
Have I become a whore for other peoples’ needs? 

When the shadows in the night 
Become my only source of light 
And I wanna run from my own life 

Not gonna let this devil take away my life 

I am romanced by the forest but seduced by every tree 
I crave discipline but impulse makes a puppet out of me 
Dr. Tom tells me one day I’ll be free 

I’m afraid to show the colors I don’t think you want to see 
They say comparison steals joy, I rob myself repeatedly 
Never finding what I want to find in me 

Sometimes I lie awake at night 
Thinking up alternative lives 
Of all the dreams that I have yet to try 

Not gonna let this devil take away my life 
No I won’t let this devil take away my life 


I’ve become quite skilled at building walls to keep love safe inside 
But one thing I have learned is that when love is safe, it dies 

27 years of life 
You’d think I’d finally get it right 
But the truth is, it’s a constant fight 

And so I lie awake at night 
With an overactive mind 
Like those Keibler elves working overtime 

And if I’m lucky, well sometimes 
I can reason enough to find 
That the darkness comes, but then comes light 

So dark or light, may it be, I am free 
Not gonna let this devil take over me