8. Simple Things

Could it be that there’s a hidden truth in every simple thing? 
Could it be that we don’t need the lottery?
We can make a living out of simple things 

Could it be that the most nostalgic dinners are the ones with simple things? 
Could it be that it’s not what we do together - it’s just that we’re together - simple things 

Taking kayaks to the water in the summer 
Drinking up the
Getting goosebumps from a song you haven’t paid attention to in quite some 

Could it be that the flowers in the front yard
Are the art of simple things?
Could it be that we make mountains out of nothing
Just to move them to feel something, 

When we could be enjoying 

Getting lost inside a forest where the leaves become a painting on the 
Picking apples in the orchard, on a perfect autumn day, making



Could it be that the joy that we desire
Is the joy of simple things?
Could it be that when we over-complicate,
We put joy into its grave? 

Love, love, love the simple things